Kaliningrad Water and Environmental Services Rehabilitation

The Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, located between Poland and Lithuania, is one of the major polluters of the Baltic Sea. Since the early 1990s, Kaliningrad has been identified as a priority environmental hot spot under the Baltic Joint Comprehensive Environmental Action Plan. Most of the city’s waste water is discharged directly into the Sea. The pollution problems in the Pregol River and Primorsk Bay exceed 10 times the levels stipulated by HELCOM and the EU standards more than 20 times.

Potable water, on which around 420,000 people rely, is of such poor quality that it meets neither World Health Organisation nor Russian Health standards. Water supply is frequently disrupted especially in summer when, as a rule, households receive water for only two hours per day while water to hospitals and schools needs to be delivered in tanks.

A desperate lack of investment in the region’s infrastructure has led to a considerable deterioration of the already outdated and insufficient water treatment facilities. The project will finance critical investments necessary to improve the water supply and waste water services in the city of Kaliningrad.

The proposed improvements will greatly benefit the local population by supplying clean and safe water and with an adequate sewage treatment system. These changes will, in the long run, help to clean up the local rivers and eliminate discharges of raw sewage into the Baltic Sea.

Environmental Benefits

  • The City of Kaliningrad will be supplied with potable water meeting World Health Organisation standards and EU directives.
  • Construction of a waste water treatment plant for mechanical and biological treatment will decrease discharge of BOD into the Baltic Sea by 7,800 tons/year, discharge of nitrogen by 300 tons/ year and discharge of phosphorus by 120 tons/ year.
  • Further upgrade of nutrient removal processes will enable removal of 300-400 tons of phosphorus and more than 500 tons of nitrogen.

At a glance

Water and waste treatment
Kaliningrad Vodokanal
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National Funds

  • Local Funds
  • €7,900,000
  • Federal Budget
  • €48,121,429

IFI Loans

  • NIB
  • €9
  • EBRD
  • €12

NDEP Grant

  • Investment
  • €10

Other Grants

  • SIDA
  • €11
  • €1
  • DEPA
  • €2
  • Total
  • €56,021,474


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